About Me

Hi, I'm Ellie.

I'm 27 (28 in just a couple weeks), married, and living in the dry, windy, desert part of Washington State.  I'm a dog trainer, and in addition to teaching classes, compete with my Border Collies in agility as well as a few other dog sports.  

Growing up, I was always horse crazy. I took lessons from the time I was five until my second year of undergrad, when I sold my last mare. Flame was (well, is; she's not dead or anything, just not mine) a 1997 sorrel overo APHA mare.

After one of our best flat classes ever.
We did all sorts of stuff, from dressage, to breed shows, to barrel racing. She was my best friend and, although we had our challenges, I regretted selling her for many years.

Since I sold Flame in 2005, I've been horseless, riding whenever I got a chance and living vicariously through friends. I earned my masters degree in English Literature from Boise State University in 2011, and moved up to Washington with my husband that same year. I got another dog. 

She was a baby when she came here :P

And two years later, another dog.

Such a fancy guy. 

Yada yada yada... fast forward to November 2014, and I bought a horse. And that's where this story begins...

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