Thursday, November 13, 2014

Guess What?

I have a pony. Of my very own. That is mine. Have you heard? :P

Rockin' the plain cavesson. And yeah, there are no reins... bear with me. 

Oh, and also, I rode her bareback yesterday. Because hell yeah. And also because I was an airhead and completely forgot to bring my tack to the barn with me. Doh. I have no excuse, other than it was my day off. Apparently my brain took the day off, too. Oh well.

As luck would have it, I had a bridle in my car (with an eggbutt snaffle, no reins), and my brushes, helmet, and lunge line in the grain room. I wanted to ride, damn it. My only option was bareback. I decided I would lunge her first and see how she was feeling, and if she seemed quiet (likely), I'd try and hop on. I had no idea if she'd ever been ridden bareback in her life, but it seemed like a good plan.


She was, predictably, lovely.

Hate to see her go, love to watch her leave. 

I got some really nice stuff out of her on the lunge today. Gigi listened well to my voice commands and was, overall, a good girl. She asked me a few times if I really meant what I was asking of her, but when I gave her the what for, she went back to work with no complaints. So fun :)

After I was satisfied that she wasn't in a fire-breathing dragon mood, I finagled some "reins" (okay, it was my lead rope, whatevs) on her bridle, led her to the makeshift mounting block, and spent a few minutes making sure that she wouldn't freak out if when I leaped like a deranged monkey onto her back. Of course, she was fine.

Bitch, please. 

We tooled around in her 50 x 50 pen for a couple minutes while I got my bearings, and Gigi was happy to oblige. We went out in the pasture later, but I don't have any pics because I left my phone back in her stall. Sorry.

What is this magic?  No saddle, son.

She moved off my leg really well, was nice and soft in the bridle, and didn't act nervous at all, at any point, on our bareback jaunt. So fun!

OMG, I rode bareback, on my very own horse, all by myself. #winning!

After our ride, I gave her a good brushing (she loves butt scratches and getting her face brushed) and went to put on her blanket. When I started to fasten the first belly strap, she lifted a hind leg with enough intent that I had to do something about it.

Really, mare? Really?

She was tied up when this happened, but after that, I forgot about putting on her blanket for a bit and Bad Mare and I went and did some ground work for a few minutes. When we got back, I made her stand without a halter while I put her blanket on. Surprise, surprise, she was perfect. Mares. ;)  I miss her already.

Also, how cute does she look in a rope halter?

I can haz cow pony? 

Can't wait to see her again.... but not looking forward to the snow that is headed our way. Ugh.

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  1. yay for bareback riding! i always mean to do it more often, and never do... lol. anyways Gigi just has the sweetest expression :)

  2. She's so cute! Woo hoo for bareback rides :)

  3. I'm so happy for you!! :-) Maybe eventually you will quit saying "PONY" and I will quit saying "SQUEEEE" but not yet.

  4. Heck yeah I'll follow you on Instagram. I just made an account yesterday hehehe. She is so gorgeous and has such a great trot! Congrats on your first bareback ride on Gigi! :D

  5. Loving the new header! She looks all comfortable and stuff to sit on bareback. All snow can go to hell.

  6. Haha! I had to laught about the monkey comment - I did the same thing the one time I rode Charlie bareback. Once I finally hauled myself onto him superman style, he looked back at me as if to say 'what took you so long doofus'? Was no big deal to him but obviously a very big deal to me.

  7. yay for bareback fun on your new horesy!

  8. Going to stalk you on insta too #sorrynotsorry

  9. What is this magic?!?! lol awesome.