Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winter Sucks

It's only November, but I'm already tired of being cold.

Sometimes, even though I love it, being a dog trainer sucks. Like whoa.

Every time winter comes around, I think of this clip from "Hey Arnold":


Gigi doesn't seem to care nearly as much as I do. On Sunday, Joe and I went out to the barn, hoping to ride. I decided it was too freaking cold, as well as hard and icy, to do so. Boo. So we ended up just hanging out with Miss G for awhile, feeding her cookies and loving on her. She seemed really happy to see us :)

Oh hey. 

Joe was thoughtful enough to cut up an apple for her before we left home. Turns out that Gigi is obsessed with apples. And quite the ham about trying to get us to feed her. The dog trainer in me wants to try clicker training her to do some tricks. Don't shoot me. ;)

Sexy neck :) 

G was super cute around Joe, who is not very confident around horses.

She found the cookie pocket. 

She kept following him around and being generally adorable. Because obviously.


I'm so glad that they seem to be getting along. It's great having a partner who is so supportive of the crazy things I do! :)


  1. Cute pictures! I love Gigi's and Joe's expressions :)

  2. aww she's so cute! glad you enjoyed some good pony time even if the weather royally sucks

  3. Those pics are adorable!!!
    Belated congrats on the weekaversary ☺

  4. You should totally clicker train her! I clicker trained my horse to do all sorts of things. He can smile, shake his head no, stand on a pedestal, etc. We play games like chase the tiger. I taught him all of his normal behaviors with clicker including backing up, yielding his haunches, lowering his head, etc. You should check out some of my older posts. I have the clicker training ones tagged. :D It's so much fun and I think he's a better horse because of it.

    I love Gigi! She is so gorgeous. I have to agree with you on the being cold thing! Ugh!

  5. ::fist pumping:: tricks! tricks! tricks! =P

  6. She does love apples, you should definitely clicker train her.