Friday, November 14, 2014

One Week-iversary

It was so cold yesterday that I really struggled with motivation to go to the barn. But ultimately, I decided that I needed to see my girl :) 

Oh yeah, and try on these sweet bell boots that I bought yesterday.  Because SPARKLES!

Yeah, go ahead and be jealous. 

So I ultimately decided to make the drive (sweetened by listening to the awesome podcast, Serial. Seriously, check it out... I'm so invested). 

When I got to the barn, Gigi whinnied as I got out of my car and walked to meet me at the gate. Aww mare <3.  When I brought my bucket full of brushes over, however, she looked at me like, "Are you serious? Riding? Today?" LOL. 

I'm too cold for this shit.

Luckily for her, I felt the same way. After like ten minutes of loving on her, feeding her cookies, and admiring her feet in her new sparkly-ass boots, my fingers were numb and I was ready to go home. I think Gigi was just happy I didn't take her blanket off. *shiver* 

Today I've been a horse owner for a whole week! Eeeeep! I gotta say, I'm much calmer than I was this time last week, haha. I'm just glad she's here and safe and happy... and MINE. :D


  1. Your happiness is contagious! Glad things are going so well. And I can sympathize with the coldness :(

  2. This "winter" thing is ridiculous. Doesn't it know we live in the desert?

  3. congrats on the anniversary!! LOVE those bell boots too :)