Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter Is For Hibernating

Or, at least, that's what Gigi would like me to believe ;)

I can haz nap?

Sometimes, though, we do get a little bit of work done. It is hard not having an arena right now... we are kind of at the mercy of the weather in a more direct/important way. I don't want to tear up the pasture, or ride on slippery grass, so it's a little frustrating to now be able to do much even on days when the weather is lovely. 

So, what does that mean? 

We ride when we can. 

Savor the fun times. Write boring blog posts.

Although it's hard for me, in a lot of ways, to not be doing a whole lot right now with my shiny new pony, I do really appreciate having the time to build a relationship with her without any pressure whatsoever. 


  1. The relationship building is definitely important! Can you go out on trails or roads? It sucks not having an arena, but I ride on the roads when I can and I made an arena in my pasture because I don't care if I tear it up. Once it gets muddy and slick I won't be able to do much out there though. I can ride on our long driveways though. I'll keep my fingers crossed for enough nice weather this winter to keep us sane! :D

  2. Relationship building & honing ground manners are fab start to every new equine partnership. I sometimes think having free access to arenas while awesome as we love to ride can hinder the personal relationship side especially if horses are kept on full board.
    Before being able to organise winter turnout i was literally turning up quick grooming, riding & leaving as full board. Being able to spend more time with my girls turning them out & bringing them back in has helped build a better relationship as i spend more time with them.
    Hopefully winter isn't harsh for you guys and you can clock up plenty new pony saddle time too ☺

  3. love your last point! and i know exactly what you mean about the footing being crappy even when the weather turns nice... definitely frustrating!

  4. The relationship building is definitely important. It drove me crazy last winter because I couldn't ride, but we definitely came through it better than we started.